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Alpha Shoper – Crypto Mining Shop – Review


Cryptocurrency mining still manages to capture the imagination of users, more than a decade after Bitcoin mining became a truly global phenomenon. Yet, both the current and prospective miners face changing fortunes related to price fluctuations of the mining equipment and the cryptocurrencies they dig for. Luckily, the businesses such as Alpha Shoper from the UK have taken the stage with an aim to help the crypto enthusiasts and investors find the shortcut to hitting a genuine gold vein whenever they decide to invest in cryptocurrencies.

For starters, Alpha Shoper operates as a cryptocurrency mining equipment store that goes above & beyond the call of duty when it comes to serving diverse user profiles. Sure, trying one’s hand at mining is impossible without having access to quality equipment, but the Alpha Shoper team understands that providing a timely piece of advice tailored to various client profiles is just as important when they plan to invest in cryptocurrencies. Thus, this team will be able to provide prospective miners and investors with in-depth analyses of cryptocurrency market trends and offer advice on the state-of-the-art mining equipment, cryptocurrency trading, and other relevant fields.

When all is said and done, cryptocurrency mining in 2022 is still profitable, provided you have access to the top-notch tools. At Alpha Shoper, the status of the top-of-the-line piece of hardware is not earned by simply slapping the most expensive price tag on it. To help its clients hit that much-desired price/performance sweet spot sooner, the company will give a 15% discount to each of its first-time buyers as well as provide them with access to a broad range of mining products suitable to any budget, ambition and professional background.

But we wanted to test all of that!

So we decided to place an order with them for an Antminer S19 XP. We were happy to see they replied to us within hours of placing the order, letting us know the miner will be shipped in the next 24 hours.
It came as no surprise that the next morning our mailbox received a message from Alpha Shoper with the tracking number.
4 days later the miner arrived at our offices in the US.

Antminer S19 XP received from Alpha Shoper
Antminer S19 XP received from Alpha Shoper


After checking their delivery service online, we thought that we should even better investigate Alpha Shoper, so you, our readers can know exactly what you are dealing with.
So, we decided to also visit their facilities in the UK where we have checked their stocks, to see that they actually have the number of units displayed online in their warehouse. Once again, Alpha Shoper proved to be transparent and fair.


Alpha Shoper Warehouse Warehouse


As a downside, their prices are not always the best on the market, so we recommend you check with multiple sellers, but that is what we usually recommend to all our readers.

In any case, those who decide to purchase any piece of equipment from Alpha Shoper can rest easy enjoying the guarantees offered under the company’s delivery policies. All orders are guaranteed to be sent within 48 hours of receiving the order confirmation without delay, and international shipping is fully supported. Being in the business which values timeliness themselves, the Alpha Shoper team knows that even the slightest delay might hurt one’s operations in both short and long run, and they do their best to deliver the goods tailored to the clients’ demands and without a single hour of delay.

PROS: Reliable, fast, efficient, good customer service.
Cons: Prices are not always the best on the market.

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